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論斷與判斷Judgment and Judgment

   I. 論斷 Judgment (Mt7:1-5; Rom 2:1-3)

甚麼叫作論斷What is Judgment

 二、為何不可論斷Why not judge

1. 論斷人實際上是犯了第九條誡命  (Ex20:16)

       Judge commandment actually is guilty of Article IX

2. 論斷人實際上也等於是論斷律法 (Num11:24-30)

      Judge in fact is to judge the law

3. 論斷人會傷害及絆趺別人的心靈


       Judge will hurt and impede someone else's mind

             4. 毀謗主內和主的僕人遭受責罰  (Num12:1-2;

                 Ex4:24-26; Num 12:1-15)

      Defamation servant of the Lord and the Lord God suffer      


 三、應怎樣不論斷 How not to judge (西Col3:12-14;

             Eph4:2-3; Php2:1-5; 1:3, 5, 27; 林前1Cor15:58)